Anti-Racism as Violence Prevention

Video 1: Connecting the Dots

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Engaging in anti-racism work is critical for advocates and organizations working to end domestic and sexual violence. This resource page from Futures Without Violence features a collection of resources to support DV/SV organizations’ anti-racism/oppression work and goals for liberation, including the 3-part Voices from Our Movement video series and accompanying tools for further learning.

The Voices from Our Movement videos and discussion guides are intended to be used by domestic and sexual violence advocates to spark conversations on the ways that racism and oppression have shaped our anti-violence movements and how we can dismantle racism in our organizations and communities. In addition to the video series, this page features a collection of resources for further learning organized around the following topics:

  • Understanding racism, white supremacy, and oppression
  • Intimate violence, racism, and oppression in the context of the United States
  • Individual anti-racism/oppression work and white allyship
  • Working against racism in our organizations and anti-violence movement
  • Working against racism in our communities and systems
  • Exploring solutions to violence outside the criminal legal system
  • Moving towards liberation

Access the videos, discussion guides, and additional resources from Futures Without Violence’s website.

*Note from Futures: For White people watching the Voices from Our Movement videos, it is beneficial and important to sit with any feelings of discomfort, listen to feelings, stories, and perspectives of people of color, and move towards repair, action, and accountability.

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