Alaska Men Choose Respect

Alaska Men Choose Respect

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Alaska Men Choose Respect is a space that offers information, networking, tools, and opportunities for men to come together as allies to end violence, promote respect, and strengthen communities in Alaska.

Goal: A recruitment and education tool to build the capacity of men to become allies to women, mentors to each other and to work to end violence and promote healthy relationships. Featuring the community of Alaska, prioritizing and working together to promote respect and end violence.

Materials available on the website include facts, resources, ideas for action and networking opportunities with other Alaska based organizations. This is campaign that brings together and provides opportunities for men working to promote respect, healthy relationships, and ending violence. It includes a website, tv public service announcements, and opportunities.

Impact: This campaign has increased the visibility of men working to end violence and has inspired men to reach out to us and locally to get involved. We have done some statewide phone surveys, have had increased contact from men and local organizations looking to get involved.


Partnerships have been extremely important to creating the products: Compass committee, Department of Public Safety, Department of Health and Social Services, youth leaders, and others helped with funding, message development/framing, spokespeople, and other key tasks.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019
The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence has released the second of its 7-part series of stories for the new Innovation section of the PreventIPV website. This exciting project features lessons learned from the DELTA FOCUS program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Friday, 14 June 2019
“I do this work so that my daughter, granddaughter and millions of adults and children know that they deserve to thrive in a world that is filled with love and support rather than violence and abuse.” —Damien Frierson, Division of Family Violence Prevention Services

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