Advancing a Unified National Prevention Agenda

The IPV Prevention Council was formed in 2011 as a voluntary association of domestic violence coalitions working in partnership with allied national organizations. The original goal of the Council was to enhance the capacity of state/territory domestic violence coalitions and community-based domestic violence programs to advance a comprehensive national prevention agenda and broaden support for its full implementation at the national, state, territory and local levels. In 2022, the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence expanded the Council to include survivors, community organizers, and community-based organizations committed to making prevention accessible and possible, with racial equity at the center.

Access the Council's Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 to learn about the priorities and direction of our work.

The Council's Vision and Purpose

For too long, survivors and people who have experienced violence were invited into the movement to talk about their pain and trauma, but not trusted to lead. The Council values the leadership of those with lived experience in moving its vision forward.

Our vision for the future is a movement where: 

  • Prevention is alive, and everyone has a role. 
  • There are multiple pathways to violence prevention, and we make room for nuance. 
  • We feel connected to each other and everyone is welcome. 
  • We see communities organizing to create a culture where peace, joy, justice, and equity are the norm.

The IPV Prevention Council is a national network of survivors, advocates, and organizers with diverse cultures, skill sets, geographical locations, and lived experiences. We represent community-based, state, and national organizations. We are united in our commitment to creating space for the wisdom, knowledge, and leadership of communities left behind and honoring the different pathways to violence prevention.   

Action to Support Unified Prevention

The IPV Prevention Council has created and adopted a Strategic Plan reflecting the Council's dedication to centering those most impacted by violence and establishing meaningful connections with individuals and communities invested in violence prevention. Over the next three years, the Council will focus on three key areas:

  • Reimagining Prevention: The Council aims to unite preventionists under a common definition of violence and prevention. One that resonates with all people and recognizes the intersections with other social movements. 
  • Policy & Funding: The Council seeks to create a more compelling case for investing in prevention. They will advocate for policies that prioritize violence prevention while also working to secure increased funding for survivors and prevention programs. 
  • Resource Sharing & Connection: The Council aims to amplify the stories of prevention efforts happening in queer, trans, black, and brown communities and foster a supportive and connected network of individuals working to prevent violence. 

The IPV Prevention Council's priorities reflect a commitment to shifting power to those most impacted by violence and its members are united in bringing the words in this plan to life.

Membership: IPV Prevention Council

IPV Prevention Council members include:

  • Kelly Annelli, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Justin Carter, Carter Prevents
  • Lorien Castelle, New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Dominique Crowling, Community United Against Violence
  • Deb DeBare, National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Karimah Dillard, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Glenn Harris, Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez, PreventConnect/ValorUS
  • Lul Mohamud, The Person Center
  • Marsha Curry Nixon, A Miracle 4 Sure
  • Kristen Pritchard, Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
  • Tonjie Reese, eleven24
  • Meghan Scalon, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Arianna Sessoms, Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
  • Stephanie Solomon, Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Debby Tucker, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • William West, Texas Council on Family Violence

NRCDV Staff include:

  • Ivonne Ortiz, Vice President of Programs, Prevention & Social Change
  • Shenna Morris, Vice President of Policy & Systems Change
  • Casey Keene, Director of Programs & Prevention
  • Lavon Morris-Grant, Director of Community Engagement

Taking Action

Explore materials and programs developed by preventionists in the field. Begin here.

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